Monday, March 16, 2009

Dispatches From the Edge: Gretel In Weird Places

Day 36:

Me and Gretel were just sitting there:

And I think that was the problem. Gretel seems to be getting tired of me just sitting around all day, alternately crying and watching Judge Judy. I've sensed a level of disdain coming from her that previously was not there. So I don't know if she did this to cheer me up, or to point out that I'm not being very creative or what. But she grabbed my camera and started doing silly shots, so I thought it was probably her will that I share those with you.

I thought this one was fairly obvious.

King of the mountain—ha ha.

I like how she kind of looks scared in this one.

She loses points on this one because it is
practically the same pose as the last one.

This one hurts me because how low does
your self-esteem have to be to be willing
to do this pose?

I like this one a lot because I've never seen
a dog look more like an eagle.

This is not a very weird place to be. Uninspired at best.

This one is scary to me because it looks like
she is actually thinking about jumping.

See how she's bearing her claws? Nice touch.

She said she calls this one "The Sentinel."

She said she wanted, "One normal one."

The end.

(By the way, I had to do this while my wife was at work because I knew death would be imminent if she actually saw me doing this with our dog. If you don't see me in the coming days then you know why—please check under the floorboards, she has always said that's where she would put me if this day ever became necessary.)


Jessica DesLongchamp said...

You are going to die when I get home you heartless man --- poor Gretel bear! How could you put her in the garbage can?!?!!

We need to find you a job... ;)

Jason Dean said...

Ha ha, your comment made me laugh :)

But it also made me fearful...