Thursday, January 8, 2009

Irony Running Red Through the Streets

As a preface I must say that irony is a pretty cool thing.

(As a side note: the other day someone called me out on my calling something ironic. They were like, "Oh yeah, how was that ironic?" Immediately I shrank to about a quarter of my regular size, parked my thumb in my mouth, and begged for the person's forgiveness. Nothing could possibly be worse than not knowing when to label something as ironic; there is nothing on this earth that can show just how daft you are as a display of anti-intelligence like that. Anyway, I considered my usage for a good long while and concluded that I had accurately identified a peice of irony. I further concluded that though it seems I have a more liberal application of irony than the enxt guy, it really is only because I have a keener perception of the world around me and a deeper understanding for the general goings on.)

Now then, wouldn't the following situation be ironic?

We all know that there is not a good chance that Elvis is still alive. The same goes for 2pac. But do you know the one guy who it makes sense that he might still be alive? You guessed it, Andy Kaufman. He was a man way ahead of his time, precocious, always pushing the envelope and even talked about faking his own death.

But here is where things get really awesome.

What if he did fake his own death, planning all the while to return, and then accidently died before making his return? I think I'm correct in suggesting that would be quite ironic. Because the only way to pay off faking your own death would be to resurface, so how bad would it be to step in front of the wrong bus one day and you've blown your opportunity to go down in history as the greatest hoaxer ever?

Then again, it is the most conceptually funny thing that's ever occured to me that he would actually want it that way. That he would be just tickled to fake his death, then die later and no one would ever know. If there is anyone in the world who would ever want to do that, it would be him. And he'd love the idea that it might occur to some that that's what really happened.

Andy, you're a friggin' genius. I think.

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Jessica DesLongchamp said...

I'll say it again, you are a funny creature. Oh, and I think Andy would be proud of you. Haha.