Monday, November 24, 2008

Rethinking Democracy

The other day I was weaving in and out of what can only be best described as a minefield of crap. I mean, technically it was described as a "blogs comment page," but honestly you really couldn't tell the difference. My frustration with the prurient and banal nature of 95 percent of the comments sent me careening into tittering self-induced pseudo-seizures. After emerging from the morass thoughts began to bubble to the surface, many of which are recorded below:

It is on the Internet that the worst aspects of democracy are on full display. The Internet suffers from the fact that any two brain cells that are able to connect themselves to a keyboard are given an equal playing field among all the others.

This leads to a lot of wasted time on my part. Much of my hard to come by free time is lost to morons posing as people with something intelligent to say. Usually it only takes less than a minute, but sometimes much longer, to realize that I'm better off reading the crap-patterns of a grizzly bear than this guy's opinion on Protestantism. And it's not always obvious. People, sometimes regardless of their intelligence level, are persuasive, so sometimes it takes a day or two for their crap to wear off. I'll be about my tasks the next day and it will hit me, "Oh, that's why that guy was completely full of crap."

Despite the insistence of the brainless popular notion, there are stupid questions, there are stupid answers and there are stupid people.

I'm a case in point, there is no reason why i should be listened to. My words are probably a waste of time for many; I'm not altogether convinced they're not a waste of time for myself, but I'm still here and queer (except I'm not, see earlier post) so I just say "screw it, lets rock and roll."

The sad fact is that it shouldn't be any other way. It is temporarily unfortunate that anyone can say anything, but long term I regretfully state publicly that I wouldn't want it any other way.

Now, that's not what I'll state privately. Privately I will berate the general human mind to such a degree that you'll think me a misanthrope. Privately I'll rant endlessly about how we should all have to get licenses in order to issue a valid opinion and this license should be reevaluated bi-monthly by myself or a group of my like minded peers. Behind closed doors I drop to one knee, place my head in my hands and just openly weep for a sustained period of time. Then I spend some time longing for government censorship as long as it senors out only the crap and leaves all the good stuff.

But publicly I think democracy is great.