Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mix & Match: Gays and Mistaken Emails

Wow. I just spent the last 45 minutes composing a missive on gay marriage and I'm probably not even halfway done. I was talking about how Christians are so narrow-minded and bigoted when it comes to the issue. Now keep in mind that I am a Christian. Now keep in mind that I oppose same-sex marriage. It's not as bad as you think, I said things like "We're all bigoted," and all of that, but it just...got...so...long! And I couldn't take it anymore! And I thought, "No sane American is going to want to read this toilet-paper-roll-long screed about one man's humble opinion on this contentious subject." And I think I was right. But on the off chance that I'm wrong then the potential post can be revived, but only by popular demand—and it has to be decisive, none of that year 2000 happy crappy. And, as a bonus, if the post is resurected by popular demand then I will pen the remainder of it in the nude, because that is how strongly I beleive the public doesn't have the stomach to take my meanderings on the subject. (No, it will not be web-cammed. My wife and dog may wander in and out of the room as I clack, but that is the most anyone is getting.)

I'm going to hit one other subject before I bang out of here: Question?

Do you ever finish composing an email, say, maybe late one Friday nite? Sorry, I shouldn't have ended that sentence there, it isn't quite complete (I mean technically it's a complete sentence, but it isn't the idea exactly as I wanted it expressed).

To rephrase: Have you ever finished typing a heated, passionate email, stopped to review it, and then moved y0ur mouse ever so slowly down to the delete button, because you would basically die if you accidentally sent the thing? That happens to me fairly frequently. Combine that with the fact that I have definitely misfired a few emails from time to time, as in accidently hit the send button, and it can all get pretty scary. I thank the God of my parents choice that these have never been socially sensitive emails, but I fear one day it will happen. I wonder what the worst instance of that has ever been? I wonder if the president ever started to compose a joke email to another world leader on a sensitive issue, and the next thing you know, oops. We're lucky our president is a dry drunk, it's so much less possible for something like that to happen when you're not benefiting yourself with alcohol.

Please tell me if you have ever misfired an email that ended up being embarassing or hurtful. I'll try to remember if I have ever done it, and if I come up with one then I will post it as a comment to this post, so stay posted.

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Jessica DesLongchamp said...

You are a funny man.
I vote yes for seeing your thoughts on gay marriage... but only after offered up for appropriate review and edits by yours truly. ;) Hahaaha....