Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sorry, Just Unfunny Political Observations

In this political season I find myself frustrated. I like to think that I am only beholden to truth (which I am not), and that I don't allow my political affiliations/preferences to sway over my judgment (which I do). Many people who support Obama spin and lie about McCain's record; many people who support McCain spin and lie about Obama's record: who should a fair-minded person listen to?

I'd like to go down a self-righteous path and say, "a pox on both your houses—I'm voting Libertarian," but I can't do that—I said I'm frustrated, not insane.

There is a man on the radio, Phil Hendrie, that I respect very much, and he said this thing last night that I feel is equally as true for me in the opposite direction:

"I'm a supporter of Barack Obama...but the people that support him, by and large, I wouldn't hang out with those people if they were the last human beings on earth. I mean I'm telling you right now, I will vote for that man, but as far as me having anything in common with any of the other douche bags that I hear supporting him—if I was the lonliest man on earth I wouldn't go down the street to borrow a cup of sugar. These people have done more damage to that man's campaign...Do you wanna know why this thing is so tight? Becuase the Move-on's and the Kos's and every other ideologic douche-and-a-half is weighin' in with their hateful hateful diatribes. It's done nothing to help that guy. Nothing."

I've got nothing in common with the ignorant xenophobes that would like to slam the border shut and then "round up" all of the illegal aliens (a categorical impossibility) and ship 'em back to wherever they came from. I've got nothing in common with Jerome Corsi or any person that would accord him an iota of respect. I've got nothing in common with Christians that think it is their God-given duty to vote Republican. I've got nothing in common with Christians who focus disproportionately and unhealthily on homosexuality and the prospect of gay marriage. I don't support gay marriage just like Biden and Obama don't, but a) I wouldn't be too surprised to see it become reality, and b) It will have little to no effect on my life, so I'm not too bugged about it.

I think that McCain has to run for president and that is an awful thing. He thinks he has to engage in adhominym garbage and allow his staff to produce ridiculous, pathetic ads like the "Lipstick on a pig," ad. And maybe that's what it does take to win the presidency right now in our country; I just wish I didn't feel like I have to take a shower after watching some political back and forth on cable news (not that anyone should ever be watching cable news).

Despite my frustration I remain a Republican because I have basic philosphical assumptions that I can't get past. More freedom is better than less freedom. The more goverment grows, the less freedom I have. We all have to be willing to sacrifice some freedom, and I certainly am, but the goverment, because it is composed of flawed humans, is insdious and greedy. Now, so is the free market, because it is composed of flawed humans, but the free market cannot compel me to do anything, the government can, and therein lies the danger. I also don't know when life begins, but it seems to me there is no place that makes more sense than at conception. But even if that is not the case it is always better to err on the side of life until further information comes to light. To generalize, abortion seems to be born more out of personal convenience than a conviction that life is not being ended, and that doesn't strike me as wise or prudent or valid.

All of those things will keep me a Republican, even when we fall desperately short of our stated goals. Where else would I turn? Estonia? Sure they have a flat tax, but my social networking possiblities would be decidedly lacking, and I have no personal motivation to learn Estonian.