Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Nielsen Family I Never Knew

I just learned the craziest thing tonight: I know a Nielsen family. You know what the Nielsen rating is, don't you? It's the system by which the government or whoever decides which shows will remain on the air and which ones won't. They put their special boxes in several thousands homes across the country and they report what those people are watching and that is how shows get their ratings.

Anyway, I've known these people for awhile now, but I only tonight learned about their coveted Nielsen status. How can something like that happen? How can you know someone but not know some of the most important things about that person that make up who they are? I don't want to say that I feel cheated...more just, I don't know, hornswoggled, I guess.

The truth is when I was a kid I would really only pray for two things: That God would let me fly at least once (like a bird, not in a plane), and that He would let be a Nielsen boy so that I could help determine what America would watch. And, so, yeah, I guess it just kind of hurts that He would make good on the first one and put the second one so tantalyzingly close, and yet not within reach.

Is it possible for me to just be happy for these people even though they've basically ripped my dream from my proverbial womb, as one untimely born? I guess the coming months and years will give me my answer.


Jessica DesLongchamp said...

So He did let you fly in the bathroom that time! I knew it.

JD said...

Cat's out of the bag.