Friday, September 5, 2008

The Ultimate Question

I've heard a lot of great questions in my day (What is the meaning of life?, Can morality only ultimately be objective?), but this one is sure to top them all. I thought it up this afternoon during lunch and immediately bounced it off of my wife (just spent 5 precious minutes trying to think of a joke playing off of the "bounce off" that wasn't corny and punny but finally concluded it couldn't be done).

Her immediate response was not a good one, "I hate these kind of questions," I believe was the exact response. But going against my better interests I am not going to take her advice and am going to pass the question onto you:

You're holding two entities over the edge of a cliff. In your left hand is Gretel (or insert you beloved pet, preferably a dog), and in your right hand is Hitler. If you save Hitler the result will be that he will then go on trial for his crimes and then either be excuted or locked up for life, but there is no chance that he will get away.

So which one do you drop?

I think it's an incredibly ingenious question that will reveal to you who you really are. If you want your veneer stripped away, if you want to gaze into the mirror that shows you what you really are, and not just your reflection, then answer the question. I won't tell you what the right answer is, but please post a comment and let me know what you think the right answer is.

I will then decide wether or not we will continue to be friends.

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