Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thank God for Free Speech (otherwise I'd be in jail)

You know I once considered becoming a journalist, but now that that word is on par with other words/terms like "user-car salesman," "schiester," and "Child molester," I feel pretty good about pursuing a career in Accounts Receivable. Does it pay well? Does it put to use my degree? Is it fulfilling? The answer to all of those is no, but it beats being mistaken for a child molester.

Anyway, I found this example of awful journalism that I thought you might be interested in:

"In the interest of full disclosure I want to note at the outset of this interview that you, in fact, are a Jew. And, if you wouldn't mind, I would appreciate it if you would mention what you think are the three worst sins and/or mistakes of the Jewish people, and if the name of Jesus is not mentioned I will be very surprised." —Interview with Rabbi Schmooly from the New York Times

No, of course I made that up, but it would be pretty funny if it were true. In fact, I wish we could just all agree that it is ok to make fun of someone's race or religion—as long as we are only kidding—and none of us will be offended. Racial/religious humor is some of the funniest stuff I know of, but the moment I realize that someone actually means it, I get sick to my stomach.

For instance, take this black joke: What does a black kid get for his birthday? My bike.

Now that was funny when I heard it on the playground, but if it had been told by the white trash kid, and then after the punch line he just stared at you like he just made a good point, and instead of laughing I should be pissed and ready to riot, well, that's when there is a problem.

So, can I agree to laugh with gusto when Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle and the Kings of Comedy make fun of my crazy white ass, and then I get to tell a few harmless, meaningless black jokes? And then the Jew can jump in and ridicule my Gentile ass, but then I get to throw a few schnoz and money jokes his way. That would be great.

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