Monday, September 1, 2008

Righteous Indignation

An Open Letter to Sarah Palin from a Social Conservative:

It is with much anger and hostility that I write to you about this situation with your Whore of Babylon daughter. You clearly took your parenting lessons from Satan, and I just want to know why you didn't reject the invitation to the vice presidency and instead go flog yourself in front of a group of your peers? Why is it that you didn't teach your daughter to wait until she was married and ready to have a child until embarking on "bedroom affairs?" You "claim" to be a Christian (a claim now discredited by this revelation), but don't you know that us Christians are perfect? Did you not get the memo? Anything other than perfection is an offense to Jesus.

Because your daughter committed a sin the whole world will not believe in the truth and power of Christianity. If you had known all of this would you have still let your daughter commit the grievous sin of fornication? You know, now that I think of it, you have probably let her commit other sins, haven't you? Tell the truth, have you let her lie, gossip, or think impure thoughts? You know what, don't even answer that—your word cannot be trusted.

Don't believe the lies, Sarah Palin. There will be some people who tell you that God is a God of forgiveness. There will be some people who tell you that even Christians are still bent in the wrong direction, and it is not surprising that they sin. Some believe that we are loved by God even though we don't deserve it, and that all sinners are equally guilty—don't be decieved! These are the purveyors of cheap grace, and their views are not allowed in the reductionist media caricature that "Conservative Christianity" has become.

Be afraid, be very afraid. We will protest your daughter's shotgun wedding. We will hound you out of office to preserve the purity of our moral superiority over the rest of the fallen world. Hear us, for we are many.

We need a leader who has true Christian morals. We need a leader who would never let their child sin, and preferably they will not have comitted any sins for the last five years or so. We will find this leader who is worthy of our people, and they shall restore our name. A fool suggested to me that it would be a great Christian show of charity if we embraced you and your daughter, though she sinned so horribly. I'm sorry, but there is no time for weakness in these dire times; neither on your part nor mine.

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tom deslongchamp said...

Huh... must of been one of the folks from Fred Phelp's church in Kansas. I can't believe how gross that letter is.