Monday, June 2, 2008

A Cosmic Power Play

For millennia man has tried to gain the upper hand over God, but now it may have finally happened. I take a slightly different view on this doomsday atom smasher thing, and if I'm right, then it should make for a very interesting summer.

There is a strong possibility that once this atom smasher is ramped up it will create a black hole the likes of which this planet has never seen. You, I, as well as everyone else will be sucked into this black hole, therefore blotted out in oblivion, dark and smashed and dead. Ostensibly this seems quite selfish of the scientists—if there is a 98 percent chance that your experiment will cause planetary obliteration, don't you have some type of moral obligation to hold off until further research is conducted? Most would say yes, but I see what they're driving at.

If you take a cursory glance at the book of Revelation, you'll see that God needs more than 5 weeks (that is when the atom smasher starts) to accomplish all of the events that lead up to the end of time that are still yet to occur. This puts God in an interesting predicament: Will God bow to the will of man and intervene to preserve the plan that he has already set forth? It's a bit of a catch-22 for Him. If is obvious that this is not how God planned the end of this earth. There is no mention of an atom-smasher, or the historical equivalent, or any reference to a black hole of any sort found in the pages of Scripture. If he sits back and allows the black hole to win then His will will have been preempted by man. But, if he intervenes to preserve His will then He is allowing His creation to exert some sort of control over Him.

It is a tough moral quandary, and I don't envy the decision that the Lord has to make. When I think about it it's actually hard for me to imagine why it is that He has even let thing go this far, you know? It seems to be a bit confidence-shaking that He would even allow someone to create the possibility of causing this earth to disappear within a nanosecond. And if you needed any proof of that, Muslims are already claiming that Allah would never have let this happen if he had been the God of history's dominant religion.

That's an argument we can go around and around on all day long, but it seems God just shouldn't have let it go this far. Maybe I'm wrong, and I absolutely do believe that God works in mysterious ways, but this seems insurmountable.

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