Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Metanarritive

As in the ultimate and overarching idea that will guide this blog. I don't want to explain too much, because smart and artsy types aren't supposed to explain themselves. They're supposed to display their abstract garbage and wait to be gotten. But the trick is to be so confusing that there is no way to be gotten, therefor you win because no one is smart enough to figure you out.

Digressions aside, there are two things that should be explained:

We Need The Eggs. Well, we do. And I hope you don't know what that means so that you will watch Annie Hall. Watching that movie will tell you what that means, and he explains it a lot better than I can (Woody Allen, I mean). Without giving too much away, the undergirding principle is that we are quite irrational, more so than you or I are willing to admit (especially you). Irrationality guides large chunks of your life, so says I, so says Dan Ariely, so says the Bible. I suppose I will expound more upon the topic and that contention that the Bible says that—since it never actually uses the word "irrational,"—but those things are for another day.

Your Wits End. There are just so many things that go into that. This should be a place that you can come to if you feel at your wits end. The hope is that you'll laugh, but that's not always possible, especially in this economy. If you happen to not be at or near your wits end, I sincerely hope you'll read something here that puts you at or near there. Finally, so often I feel at my wits end (for various and sundry reasons which I hope will become apparent through the coming posts as I seek to belie my soft spoken false exterior that permeates my interaction with acquaintances and the general public).

Sometimes you'll think I'm joking but I'm being completely serious. Sometimes you'll cry tears at the depth of my sincerity only to realize that you've been had, that I was joking and that I played you for the fool.

And if I'm lucky then sometimes I'll know the difference, as well.

(My fear is that this post, especially towards the end there, was decidedly self-indulgent and solipsistic, please let me know if you concur so that I can add one more to the chamber in my nightly Russian Roulette session.)

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